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Privacy Policy​ (Política de privacidad)


C.W. DOKUNO International Academy (operating company: Cosmic Wisdom Co. Ltd.) sets forth this Private Policy as we handle personal information of customers and employees collected through our business related to our school, internet, mobile and publications etc. and are committed to establish a personal information management system which ensures the responsible handling of personal information.


Policy 1. The use of personal information will be restricted to a minimum number of certain purposes and handled properly within the scope necessary to fulfill those purposes. We also set up procedures to ensure that the information is not used for purposes other than those.

Policy 2. Personal information is collected by legal and proper means.

Policy 3. We do not provide your personal information to third parties without your consent.

Policy 4. We will strive to take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent and correct the leakage, loss and damage of personal information and to fulfil other security control requirements for the management of personal information.

Policy 5. We will try to ensure that you have proper access to your personal information and will do our best to keep it accurate and updated.

Policy 6. We comply with the laws on the protection of personal information and internal rules regarding personal information that we set and regularly review.

Policy 7. We will set up a contact window for complaints and inquiries regarding personal information and will try to respond properly.


C.W. DOKUNO International Academy
Cosmic Wisdom Co. Ltd.
Representative Seikou Ito

Established and enforced on 17 April, 2002.

C.W. DOKUNO International Academy (called the “School”) puts up this Private Policy and pays minute attention to protect the personal information of participants and members.

By entering the School, applying to courses, purchasing products and applying to events in general organized by the School, you agree to our Private Policy so please read it carefully.

What is personal information

In our Private Policy, “personal information” means information related to an individual which includes data that has the potential to identify the individual such as name, date of birth, address and e-mail address etc. which is in a written form, and images, voices or numbers, marks and signs attached to the individual.

How we collect personal information

The School may ask for your personal information like name, date of birth, e-mail address etc. upon using some of our services.

These information will be collected by legal and fair means to be used solely for the purposes below. Information regarding race, ethnic group, family genealogy, lineage, domicile by birth, religion, political view and labor union membership will not be collected or used.

Why we collect and use your personal information

The purposes to collect and use personal information are as follows.

1. To provide information on courses, products, events and information related to the participation of courses that the School, a third party that collaborates with the School to provide courses and services, a third party that co-organizes an event with the School and other partners (collectively called “Partners”) provide.
2. To do research and examination for the development and improvement of courses, services and products the School and Partners provide.
3. To make statistic data of courses, services and products the School and Partners provide and to provide job offer information from of the School and Partners.
4. To report on the operation and activities of the School and to publish bulletins.

How we use Cookies

The School website and some advertisements use cookies.

※Cookies are files of the transmission between a browser and server when you visit websites and your movements inside a website etc. stored on your computer.

The School uses Cookies for the following purposes.

1. To research the number of users and traffic of the School website.
2. To improve the School website and its services.
3. To measure the effect of advertisements without identifying individuals.
4. To show appropriate School advertisements on other websites based on the use of our School website.

※You may choose to accept or remove Cookies by changing the security setting on your browser.

Disclosure to a third party

The School will not disclose personal information to a third party without the consent of participants and members except in the event of the following paragraphs. The School may disclose personal information to a third party in the following circumstances.

1. When required by law.
2. When the School judges it necessary to protect human life and body, and assets.
3. When the School judges it necessary to cooperate with state organs, local authorities or those entrusted by them attending to office work under the law, and when it is specifically in the interest of the public.
4. When the School judges it necessary to secure the rights of participants, members and the School.
5. When the School commissions the handling of personal information within the limit necessary to perform the task.

Correction and deletion

Participants and members may demand to do the following by taking the procedure set by the School.

1. To confirm that your personal information the School holds is not false.
2. To correct or delete your false personal information that the School holds.

The School will notify the applicants and members without delay whether the demand to correct or delete personal information according to the preceding paragraph 2 is accepted.

If you would like to claim the above, please contact:
C.W. DOKUNO International Academy
e-mail : info★cw-system.jp (When you send, please change★ to @)


The School takes reasonable and strict security measures against the risk of the loss, destruction, falsification, leakage etc. of personal information by unjust access, however, please note that the School is not liable for any of the above resulting from reasons not attributable to the School such as the following etc.

1. When you have disclosed your personal information on the internet in a way that anyone can access.
2. When you have disclosed your personal information on a website other than the School’s.
3. When personal information is leaked from devices the participants and members used, or when the leakage is due to the use of a password that participants and members have charge of.
4. When the e-mail address participants and members filled in on an application form is incorrect. (The information you filled in for application will be automatically sent to the registered e-mail address for your confirmation. Therefore, in case the e-mail address is incorrect, the information will be automatically sent to that address.)
5. When the information (contact information etc.) participants and members filled in on the designated application form is incorrect. (The School contacts the applicant’s filled in information (contact information etc.) in some way for the confirmation of the information provided by participants and members. Therefore, the incorrect information (contact information etc.) will be contacted in such cases.)



Upon expressing the will to agree to this Private Policy, applicants agree to the handling of personal information by the School and the School will handle personal information accordingly. However, applicants may revoke the consent at any time. The revocation of consent has no influence on the legality of the handling of personal information based on consent prior to the revocation.

Please note that the School may not be able to provide services or information in cases where applicants do not provide the personal information asked for by the School in relation to providing School services and information.



1. We will review and improve the contents of this Private Policy fittingly.
2. We may change the contents of this Private Policy without notifying participants and members.
3. The modified Private Policy takes effect on the date the School determines or at the point it is set forth on School website.


Inquiry contact:
C.W. DOKUNO International Academy
#710, 6-15-1-710, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Postal code 160-0023
TEL: +813-3342-1055
Mail: info★cw-system.jp(When you send, please change★ to @)


Date of revision
9 June, 2017